Create your virtual identity

Customize your avatar and step into social VR destinations. This contains both the desktop and VR versions.


Ready Room is the world's first open avatar builder designed to allow users, regardless of their skill set, to create customized avatars to represent themselves across social VR/AR experiences. We have released an early demo of Ready Room to allow you to get custom avatars onto our current Social VR partner's platforms. We are working hard squashing bugs, optimizing the user experience, and expanding capabilities. What you see in this demo release is just the tip of the iceberg for what we have coming.

Release Notes:

  1. The current demo will work on your PC for desktop mode and Vive for VR mode. Many users are reporting success with Rift running through Steam even though we haven't specifically built for Rift/Touch (yet).
  2. Avatars can be saved by hitting the ‘save to cloud’ icon during the last step. This will save multiple avatars which can be cycled through to view.
  3. To bring your new avatar into VRChat or High Fidelity, you will need to be in VR mode and move to portal generator on opposite side of room. Hit the arrow button to cycle through the portals then simply poke your head through.
  4. If the portal to VRChat doesn’t work the first time, try again. We're working on making the syncing process more reliable.
  5. If for VRChat your username has a space, it will currently not work. Use your email instead for the time being. A fix for this will come in an update.
  6. As you make changes to your avatar, you can see the changes in real time in the mirror to your left in VR mode. Height issues (standing on tiptoes) can be resolved by hitting left menu button on Vive controller.
  7. The biggest request right now is to implement the export button on desktop. Stay tuned for that to happen.
  8. Morph characters' mouths currently hang open in a resting position. The issue is known and soon to be fixed.

Thank you for your patience. We are excited to have you along for this journey. This is just the beginning.

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