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create custom assets for your morph characters
KILN. Create custom Morph compatible assets without rigging

Tafi Avatars VRChat Edition

No coding, SDKs, or complex software required
• Create Infinitely Customizable Avatars
• PC & Quest Optimized
• 400+ Closet Options
• Quick VRChat Import
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We’re shaping the way people express themselves in the digital world.
We power avatars for partners like
We’re shaping the way people express themselves in the digital world.
We power avatars for partners like
Avatars connect people and platforms to build happy, engaged communities.
Our SDK makes it simple to create, manage and monetize avatars on any platform
Design fun, expressive,  useful and infinitely customizable avatars
Avatar Designer + Pipeline
Give your users the ability to create truly unique avatars. Tafi avatars are infinitely customizable with dozen’s of content types and categories to mix and match
Content Library
Tafi provides a ready to use avatar styles and assets so your users have everything they need to create avatars that are uniquely them
Run your avatar and asset library with a versatile CMS
Flexible CMS
Define and organize the who, what and where of your Avatar content libraries. Our online CMS let’s you manage your Avatars wherever and whenever you please
Content Authoring Tools
Create your own avatar look by using our Authoring Tools — Tafi avatars can fit the most exacting vision and style
The first platform to bring portable avatars to life. Tafi avatars can go anywhere they need to go
Cross-Platform Content Streaming
Tafi avatars will go anywhere our SDK is found. Optimized for mobile, VR/AR and games, the Tafi SDK allows for a mult-application, multi-developer avatar experience
Run-time LOD System
Auto-magically optimize your avatars for any target device or experience with the Tafi SDK - from LOD systems, asset instancing, to run-time figure decimation — Tafi Avatars work hard to work well
Engage your users and fuel your platform
Tafi provides everything you need to bring a digital economy to your platform. Sell avatar assets, skins and premium content to power your growth and development.
Avatar Marketplace
Let your community of content creators sell avatar assets on your platform to provide a diverse marketplace that benefits your users, your artists and your bottom line.
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Engine & SDK?
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